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Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning requires more than just running a vacuum and calling it a day. If you truly want clean carpets, then you need to look beneath the surface. Although your carpets may look “clean” at face value, dirt, debris, and odors can become trapped.

The result? Carpets that are not only dirty, but also unhealthy. Failure to maintain your carpets can make them home to dust mites and other environmental hazards. In order to have a workplace with a healthy and clean environment, the carpets must undergo a deep cleaning.

At Arete Property Services, we believe you deserve the best clean you can possibly get for your money. What makes “the best clean”? Well, our commercial cleaning experts believe it consists of a polished, healthy, and deep clean.

That means we will make your carpets spotless on the surface. This will improve the aura of your work environment and help your business maintain its success.

That’s not all we do, though. The carpet cleaning services at Arete also involve going beneath the surface of your carpets and cleaning out the forgotten areas. Cleaning these areas is essential to maintaining high human health standards and creating a work environment that keeps people healthy.

Any commercial cleaning company worth its salt will cover those two areas when they clean your carpets. At Arete Property Services, we go one step farther by using non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products every step of the way. Our commitment to green cleaning allows us to improve your environment in more ways than one, while still giving you a polished finish and the best health results possible.  

We don’t just vacuum your carpets. At Arete Property Services, we give your carpets a deep cleaning so they smell better and no longer pose a health hazard. Get in touch to find out what makes Arete Property Services the number-one choice for your carpet cleaning needs.


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